Friday, April 3, 2015

New Release for Rosey Hearts Image "Flair Hair" and "Spring Witch"

I got the wonderful chance to work on a new release for Rosey Hearts this week!  The first image is "Flair Hair" so of course she had to have some fab hair!  She is colored with Chameleon pens and fussy cut and accented with Diamond Accents on her eyes, lips, and shoes.  The background started out as a piece of fabric, raveled, and glued on to a piece of cardboard from a cereal box.  Then I used my homemade gesso to stencil on some letters, fleur de lis , and  dragonfly.  Then I painted over the entire thing with black paint.  Before that dried, I painted some blue metallic paint on top of the black.  When that dried, I used my fingers to add yellow, brown, and some black acrylic paint to the raised areas.  I also added some washi tape to a couple of places.  The "Flair Hair" gal went into the corner and as she is wearing a spiderweb hat; I added a huge plastic spider heading her way...don't worry..she is one tough chick!  I had a rubber stamp with an elephant with "think Big" on it so I stamped that on to white cardstock in red distress ink and cute it out wonky and adhered on to the background.  And here she is....Flair Hair and entourage!

And for my second new release project, I give you Spring Witch!

Oh, the glory of finding a pack of a zillion lovely, mint green, embroidered napkins for 2 dollars!  I have had these for ages again waiting for that perfect project and seeing Vicky's wonderful aprons at Rosey Hearts Facebook page, I thought how perfect would a Spring Witch be on a mint green napkin!  I colored her with Chameleon pens and printed her out and  ironed her on transfer paper for light fabrics.  After it had cooled completely, I cut around the image leaving a small border.  Then I place the image side down on the napkin and took a thin piece of fabric to place between the image backing  and the iron and ironed for the recommended time.  It is very important to follow the directions of what ever transfer paper you use...this will make or break your project.  Again after cooling completely, I carefully pulled the backing paper off and there was my lovely Rosey Hearts Spring Witch!  Remember, as soon as you read this you can dash to the store on your computer....please use your computer, and purchase any of Melissa's new releases!  And they are soooo gorgeous!   Please don't forget the May challenge will begin running May 15th so get a Rosey Heart image and join the fun (and Melissa has even given us some on the Facebook page, all links will be below!) so no excuses not to play!
Happy crafting with Rosey Hearts!


  1. Gorgeous projects nan.
    Rose xx

    1. Thank you so much for you lovely and kind words! I appreciate them sooo much!

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