Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Domino Bat Book for Day 28 at DominoArt's Scarefest 2015

I just love a domino book!  So many options and so easy to make.  I added some batty paper to the front and the back and added Diamond Accents to them placing a plastic bat highlighted in silver ink before laying it in the goo.  I painted my dominoes with green metallic paint and then when everything was dry inked it all up with black ink.  I scored and folded another piece of double sided paper for my insides of my book.  I just found a long block with 4 weird skeletons with some evil grins on them so I stamped the light side of the paper with that and inked the edges all around.  

Glue a piece of ribbon on the backs of both dominoes before attaching the first page so you can tie your book up!

So sad to say goodbye to Scarefest for me this year....but already hoping for a special DominoArt Christmas??  Who knows, you have to believe! :)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 26 of DominoArt's Scarefest 2015

I keep a lot of things for sentimental reasons...a lot!  But recently they have been coming in handy so I am excused!  I used my lovely 1 of 2 jenga pieces I have left after 20 odd years..and yesterday while looking for something in the storage room, I found the  pieces to a game called "Marry, Date or Dump?"  a Hasbro game LOL.  Never remember even buying it but it had four player main cards that were perfect small canvas size and a box with sooo many smaller playing cards for the game.  So a canvas and a sentiment holder....what more could I ask for?

Proof it was a real game..the little card is already glued on the front..

I have been playing around with drawing these girls and just love doing it..this one is done with Prisma colored pencils and watercolor paints with a black marker and white sharpie.  I did get this in the wrong order as Prismas do not like watercolor paper and the wax in them prevents the watercolor paints from absorbing into the paper but hey it was my first one so not complaining too badly.  I gessoed up the big card and dropped food coloring onto it while it was still damp but it faded the colors out so some sprays and fluid and regular acrylics with some DecoArt interference paint dropped on to it gave me a background I could live with.  Fussy cut my doll and glued her down then used 2 of Michael's dollar bin stamps (they have some very cute ones this year!) and some sentiment tags from a paper pad glued to the smaller card and she was done.  Oh, just a little Diamond Accents on the eyes and lips to glam her up a bit.

That's it for me this DominoArt's  Scarefest, 2015, but will look for the chance to play again next year!  Thanks to our lovely hostess, the Sharpie Queen, for making it so much fun!  Keep coming back to the link about until Halloween for more spooktacular altered game art!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shhh Witches in Training!

I just love altering old books found at the 2nd hand book store in the free bin bound for the trash. They just have such a lovely feel and just beg to be given a second life.  So the training school for witches found a home inside this lovely old book.  Here are some peeks inside...shhh the head witch is speaking!

 Class is in with the head witch wearing a crown on top of her respect!  They have some family pics of some up and coming young witches in training on the wall along with books of spells and potions of course.  And some ancient scrolls..who knows what they hold?  and some tube worms, necessary for so many potions.  It goes without saying the jar of eyeballs gets refilled a lot!  This stamp is from Lost Coast Designs and called "Early Stitch and Bitch" it!

 The opposite side is the cover of the book has a picture of some alumni and more creepy banners from a lovely lady who gave them as freebies and I cannot remember her name and it did not save it with the image but thanks so much!  Some tarot cards and a skull from air dry clay frame the pic.  The stamps used are all Lost Coast Designs "Dancing Skeletons"  "Mini Sugar Skulls" and the crown from the head witch is "Mini Crowns".

Here is the whole thing....with the hat hanging on the school chalk board sign along with some more spells or charter paper at the top.  

Hope you enjoyed your visit to the school!  And don't spells are ever attached to visitors IF they were quiet.  So I have to leave that issue open for now...I know I was very quiet but what about you?

Entering Country View Challenge "Add Texture" added texture with clay and scrolls, fake books, layers of papers 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Book with Altered Tin and Day of the Day

Loving making these books I saw Laura Carsen ( I hope I have that right!) making on YouTube!  And being able to combine an altered tin in it was a plus.

 The "Dancing Skeletons"  dancing into "Eternity" are both stamps from Lost Coast Designs.

Some Day of the Dead stickers, a rusty key, and another Lost Coast Designs beauty "Skull and Roses" on the front of the tin.

Inside some bottles from Mischief Circus and an air dry clay sugar skull with some "hairy" additions to his home.

Book of Frights

I have another book, this one has some special drawers with special little spooktacular delights. The front has a lovely green "Skull with Wings" for the spine and just the skull from this awesome stamp from Lost Coast Designs with a little addition of a crawly spider!

The drawers are made from matchboxes (empty!) with jump ring pulls.  My handy dandy label maker made the labels, don't want  to open Rosemary's Baby when you want "Brain Bits" now do we?

The "Frights" drawer includes a happy hitch hiker!

And the other drawers' contents! 

That is an imposter in Rosemary's Baby's drawer...he just had to get in on the 31 days fun and I couldn't really show you the baby could I?


Day 12 of DominoArt's Sacrefest, 2015

Hi, I am back for my 2nd visit with DominoArt's Scarefest.  Today I have an altered domino pendant with a ghostly floating chandelier!  Maybe it is named this because I slightly missed grounding it but hey, it's Halloween which would be more fun?

I used some Halloween papers and inked the edges with black Stazon ink.  I drilled two holes in the bottom before putting the paper on then hung some skull dangles on some chains.

The bail is a skull bead that sort of looks down on the floating chandelier.
That's it for me today but I will be visiting one more time during Scarefest!  Once, even twice is not enough fun for me! 

Altered Eclectics - Altered Domino Necklace

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Skull Card

Lost Coast Designs has this wicked cool stamp of bodies that form a skull!  I love the quirkiness of it and it looks awesome!  I made a card...yes, a card...hard to do but did it.  I used Distress Inks and water splats for the background with some typewriter keys paper and then cut the individual letters to spell skull under the image...another "skull life" depiction!  The other will be debuting at Dream in Darkness Challenge Blog for the 31 Days of Halloween so keep an eye or three out for it!

How cool is that image?  Freaky awesome cool :)
Hope you are enjoying this time of celebrating we are doing for Halloween...look at it this way, it is prolonging Christmas shopping!

Mail Art from VivaLasVegaStamps!

Got some lovely kraft envelopes that have a waxy surface so had to do some Halloween mail art play with them!  Used a set of fabric sprays I got for a bargain and yep they work ok on paper too!  The stamps are all from VivaLasVegaStamps! Halloween grab bag.  Believe me, their grab bags will not disappoint anyone and the pound o' rubber came with 82 stamps in it!  The grab bag had 15 and all awesome as you can see from the sampling on my envelope!

I threw everything but the kitchen sink on this even a Poe reference but that skull is so fabulous just had to let him see the gloom of night during October! I am slowly catching up to the 31 Days of Halloween even though not an official Wicked Blogger...just have such an urge to go up against a wicked time line and make stuff!  Odd I know but that's me in a nut shell :)

Viva Las VegaStamps! October Challenge

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Poe for Wicked Wednesday ATC Challenge and Quoth the Raven

I started this Poe when I was considering doing the 31 Days of Halloween on my personal blog but family commitments and health issues made me decide against it.  Now I am so wanting to be in the mix of things scrambling to get things in at the last moment!  But dear old Poe has found a place to play so all is well for now.

 Poe is from Rick St. Dennis called "Poe 1" and the number is a stamp from VivaLasVegaStamps.  The skull on the books hails from a kit from Mischief Circus...I am thinking Morbid Brains by Holliewood Studios. I had made a mixed media background but when I saw the color bingo challenge at Quoth the Raven I just had to melt some dollar tree crayons in two shades of orange and yellow onto the poor raven!  And at the Wicked Wednesday ATC Challenge it is "Trick or Treat" .  I think with our dear Poe it will be a trick and not a treat!  

Hope you are enjoying this fabulous time of year when all the ghouls and goblins are creeping about!  Just watch out for those shadows....and those spaces over your you hear a distant cry of :Nevermore?

Please may I enter this in Wicked Wednesday ATC "Trick or Treat" and 
Quoth the Raven Nevermore Challenge "Color Poe"

Sunday, October 4, 2015

It'a Day 4 at DominoArt's Scarefest 2015

I am so happy to be playing at DominoArt's Scarefest again this year!  I am starting off with a photo holder from a Jenga playing piece that is approximately 22 years old?  Wow, does that say hoarder or what?  Not exactly, I just have always hung on the my kid's toys refusing to let them grow up in my head!  But these two pieces I found are sure a treasure to me now!  

I used a stamp from the "Morte" set from Smeared Ink.  I used watercolors to color up the image after stamping it.  Then a thick coat of matte medium to stiffen it up and bring out the colors. I attached it to the front of the Jenga piece after drilling three holes in the top for the wires.

This is such an awesome stamp set designed by Rick St. Dennis.

Proof my Jenga piece being back there!  The wire photo holder idea seemed easy to start with but I ended up using beads and soda pop tops together to hold the photos...lovely pic of myself I think center front!
Join us everyday for the whole month to celebrate this year's DominoArt's Scarefest! 

May I enter this please at the following:
Altered Eclectics October Anything Goes