Thursday, April 30, 2015

It is Here!! The Start of the Dream in Darkness Challenge

I am beyond excited right now!  A dream is coming true in a matter of hours as Kim and  I will see the first day of our dark themed challenge Dream in Darkness !  We are being sponsored this month by Rick St. Dennis and he has been beyond fabulous to us!!  My creative team make is from his image Lets's Have a Little Chat which I fell in love with!  My fellow team mates all made their makes before me (procrastinating as usual!) and I was like Oh my gosh what can I do?  Panic big time.  But the more I looked at the "couple" in the image I saw a love between two very different beings and although this exact scenario doesn't happen it did remind me of love in general.  We don't choose it, it chooses us!  So they became engaged and then had a quickie wedding in Vegas!! As a matter of fact, they are back from the honeymoon...Disney World before you ask..and doing well and she has already had their wedding immortalized with a shadow box!

Yes, she is still wearing her veil, she is sentimental like that and still in love with her hunk of errr, hmmmm, bones?   The shadow box is a rustic metal former clock with the works removed and paper covering the back and silver trim around the edge.  The image is colored with Prismacolor colored pencils, you will be seeing a lot of them from me I am in love with the control and look I get with them (another nod to Mr. Rick as his video got me into these!)  I colored two copies, fussy cute them the top one without the ribbon that is on the image and on the bottom layer of my stack.  I was out of foam dots so of course improvise!  I cut up a Styrofoam plate and layered 2 pieces high to raise them up a little.  I accented them both in places with Glossy Accents.  On the background paper I glued a marriage certificate aged with distress ink pads and filled in to look unreadable by me.  I curled it up around a pencil and then let it go and adhered with Glossy Accents (glue used on the entire project so if I say glue that is it!)  Then I added a brain colored with Promarker and skull shaded with Chameleon pens that I then pressed into an embossing pad and used UTEE powder on and heat embossed.  I love that look!  Their rings are one of a cheapie one that I had acquired along the way and I made his out of copper wire.  A little lock and key was attached above her head.  And of course she had a bouquet and that is dried and put in with it's lace, black lace, ribbon, and velveteen around the paper flower I made a long time ago and it was nicely distressed without my help!! Some glue and black glitter topped that off.  Her antennae? spelling??? is made from green wire with blue seed beads glued to the end. Glued to her head where I had to amputate her original ones when I fussy cut and then added a sparkly black veil stitched on the sewing machine was added on top of the antennae!  It was still flat so following Kim's smart advice I added black lace and black velveteen in little sprays and sewed the ends to secure and then tucked one behind the wedding license and one behind her wing.  On top of that I added a sparkle star shape and a gold and black button.  The remaining sprayed black lace and velveteen made a tie for the top finial!  Here are a few random pics to show you how they looked better:

                                                                                                      Caught her without her veil! Oh, my!

So we leave the two lovebirds to coo at each other for millennium's to come!  And why don't you come play with us at Dream in Darkness Challenge this month!  And please check out my teamies blogs they are fantastic be prepared though....fantastically dark!!  Ohh, I love them soooo much!

Happy Crafing from No Good Nan at Dream in Darkness!!!


  1. This is fabulous Nan I love the way your imagination leads you. I am still new to dark themes so struggle a bit to create projects. I wish you well with the new blog.
    Rose xx

  2. Thank you, Rose! And if you will pm me your address we have a little goody package for you as you commented so consistently during our pre-launch! And don't struggle just get an idea and run with it! It will be fabulous I know!! If I can help give me a shout!! hugs~Nan

  3. AWESOME !!! This is a fabulous make :-D xxxx

  4. Oh this is so fun, Nan! Love your little story and all of the details are just fabulous! What a wonderfully creative project. Love it! Congrats on the new challenge blog, as well. I'm sure you'll be seeing me often. xxD