Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dragons Lair Designs Challenge for April "Add an Animal" Design Team Make

Get those Dragons Lair Designs products ready for the April Challenge "Add an Animal"!  I choose the zentangle zebra for my animal and had a blast coloring it with my Chameleon pens.  I found a child's book in the dollar Target bin that actually had the flaps on each page for each animal...even a zebra!  So using papers from the Francheska Collection I covered the opposite page with those papers.  I put the zebra under the flap and covered the flap on the outside with papers from the collection.  I used  colored popsicle sticks to cover edges and to top the flap and put stick on letters to spell zebra on it.  I also painted the page with the flag with black acrylic paint as to cover with papers would have left alot of seams.  I intend to make the whole book with zentangle animals from Dragons Lair Designs.  

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April Muse 3 Day Member Hop for Smeared and Smuged

April Muse Three Day Blog Hop

Black Dragon
Susan R.

We are going hopping down the no, not bunny trail...maybe zombie trail?  Our first task is for "All Fools Day" interpretation up to us.  Scary for me....but I am still stuck in Wonderland so the lovely Ike's image of the Mad Hatter is making an appearance.  Mad Hatter....All Fools??  Works for me!
Well, since starting this post I have had major computer malfunctions.  Soooo, this is really shabby but I was committed and too tired to try again!  So here is the Hatter playing tricks with money..ta da....yeah I know...waa waa waaaaa!

No way to flip the photos and Photoshop is on  the sick computer......it probably looks better side ways.....and yes you have my permission to laugh for all the wrong reasons!! 
Now go show some love to .....oh! I am the last one...then start over and leave more love...lol!
Happy Crafting!

Ike's World Challenge Entry for "Use Two Pieces" Challenge

 Finally got to enter another challenge at Ike's!  Still in that Wonderland mood so I use two of Ike's images that I won at my first challenge here, Alice and the White Rabbit!  Also threw in some spring time for those of you in colder parts, we are seeing azaleas and green, green things down this way!  This is just some papers on some chipboard with images colored with Chameleon pens, fussy cut, and glued with some old, old rub ons added.

Excuse the no editing...that computer is having a meltdown right now....
Happy Crafting!
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Altered Notebook Cover for Altered Eclectics Challenge

This is an image from Smeared Ink from the Toxic Ballerina set.  I had this awesome water paper that she seemed to float in!  I covered the notebook with the paper and inked it with dark blue distress ink pad and around the image after adhering to the paper.  Another easy one done and I will use this everyday and hopefully it can keep me organized!
Happy Crafting! 
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Too Late For DominoArt But Just in Time For Altered Eclectics

The theme at DominoArt was green and harlequin pattern.  So I made my own pattern with Sharpies on my domino and drew my own little cup of tea, some bisquits, and a polymer clay sleeping face.  A little Diamond Accents to sparkle it up and it was done!  But not fast enough to beat the dead line!  Sorry, Leigh!!  Thanks for heading me this way!
Happy Crafting!
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Smeared and Smudged Smudgy Antics for March

I went a little bit overboard with these...they are from the rubber set from Smeared Ink for
ATC's.  I stamped them in black and red on shrink plastic and cut out and punched with a hole punch for my cord to go through.  I then shrunk with my heat gun...BE CAREFUL!  YOU WILL GET BURNED!  Did anyone catch on to the fact that I burned myself?  Yep, I did!  From the burn ointment I went to the UTEE and embossed about 4 layers....could have kept going but fingers were hurting...lol!  I just used simple jute to hang then as I plan on beading them to put on Etsy soon.  That's it...stamp, shrink, heat, emboss, string!  Easy Peasy again!  

Go enter here: http://smudgyantics.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/march-challenge-anything-goes.html
Happy Crafting and watch those heat guns!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Challenge From Dragons Lair Designs Fan Page

This is my multi-level challenge for you (it’s a long one, so read carefully before you begin):
If you were locked in a room with a small assortment of items and asked to make a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card, would you be able to make it?
This is w
hat is in the room:
• table and chair, 
• a pair of scissors, 
• an assortment of cardstock some of which have been printed with backgrounds from a Dragons Lair Designs collection of your choice, 
• some quick grab glue, 
• a black fineliner, 
• and a pack of assorted buttons
In my “heads up” post I said that I may be generous and give you something else – well I’m feeling really generous and want you to choose one piece of your crafting equipment to take in with you.
This equipment can be:
a digital cutting machine – but only with the cutting files that came with it when set up out of the box – no extra cutting files bought or downloaded from the internet; a die-cutting machine – but only with any dies or embossing folders that came with it out of the box; a particular punch or set of punches – so long as they came as a set originally; a favourite paper trimmer or guilotine; The Ultimate Crafter's Companion Pro – but again only with the items that came with it originally; etc, etc.
- well I’m not feeling so generous as to allow you to take in every bit of kit in with you LOL
And this is the multi-level challenge for you:
You can just decide on your must have equipment and comment below.
You can make a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card using your chosen equipment and what’s given and post a photo to this thread.
You can make a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card using your chosen equipment and what’s given, taking photos as you are going along, and blog the lot, and post a link to your step-by-step blog as a comment below.
It’s up to you how much you want to do.

Well, Gwyneth threw the gauntlet down and I of course picked it up!!  At first I though how would I make something without all my goodies...hmmmm!  But in the end it was remarkably easy!  I used a left over piece of paper from Dragons Lair Designs that I can't explain yet...shhh!  And a freebie image called "Resting Place" and colored with Chameleon pens (that I just realized was not on the list...uh oh points gone but fun had!)  I fussy cut and glued on to the paper and embossed with black embossing powder "Thank You" for a card for my mom.  Too bad I just realized my mistake....but a lovely card that I will love to give her!  Oh, I have to add some pretty buttons tomorrow and take another photo...so here are the shot by shots of the non accredited project!

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Dragons Lair CHALLENGE: http://dragonslairdesigns.com/shop/http://dragonslairdesigns.com/shop/

Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rosey Hearts Birthday Card

Rosey Hearts Design Team time to play!  This is not a required project but I saw her and had to make her!  It didn't hurt that I had just had one of those "shudder" birthdays!!  This card is so much more fun than that was!  She is colored with Chameleon pens and adhered to 2 pieces of scrapbook paper with a sentiment printed on Word.  I added some beads to dazzle those looking at her..oh la la!!

Happy Crafting and Join us for our April Challenge at Rosey Hearts Designs!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Smeared and Smudged's March Blog Hop Alice in Wonderland Madness!

The first blog for Smeared and Smudged where it all started!  This month's theme is Alice in Wonderland Madness and how cool is that!  This lovely Alice is by Rick St. Dennis and that rascal rabbit won't be escaping from Alice again!  But she maintains a lovely personality despite being a zombie and would love to share a cup of tea with you.   Colored with Chameleon pens and glued onto some hypnotic paper on a coaster and she is embossed with a heavy layer of UTEE giving her skin that glowing zombie bumpy look!  The tag is also embossed with red embossing powder.  Now go show some love for the lovelies on the right side bar!

Happy Crafting~

Guest Design Team Project for Dragons Lair Designs Challenge Blog

Here is my March Guest Designer project for Dragons Lair Designs Challenge Blog.  I will be officially on the rotation as of April but couldn't help but want to play as soon as I could.  This project is a little magnetic hanging mail box that I bought for a dollar at the Dollar Tree...love those things!  I tore up two colors of burlap looking paper from Sarah's Collection from our store and glued them to cover the ugly yellow plastic. While dry, I tore up an old pattern into chunks and crumpled them up and glued down trying to keep the crumples in the pattern tissue paper.  When completely dry I ran a piece of faux leather across the bottom with a digital tape measure inked with distress inks and took a little fabric spool and wound some yarn in my colors around it and inked the edges again before gluing down.  I cut out a strange 5 petaled flower out of the pattern tissue paper and stacked, staggered, and crumpled with a brad in the middle to make my odd little flower.  The crowning piece was my image from Dragons Lair Designs Store "The Manquin".  I colored it with a green Chameleon pen and fussy cut and adhered to the front.  This will hold my scissors!! and other items that tend to wander off!  And here it is:

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Altered Eclectics March

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

First Project on New Blog for Dragons Lair Designs Group Challenge

First project on new blog!  Yeah!  Still work in progress but like everything I do I do by jumping in head first.  Probably accounts for the headaches, huh?  At Dragons Lair Designs Fan page on Facebook, we have a group challenge going on involving the use of a free (Yes! Free!) image and creating something with it.  If you request it you must use it to get the next month's and you have plenty of time so look at this project and run over there and get it!  Here is the link: 


I have been exploring mixed media a lot recently and being a sewer and a stamper an article I found on flags really intrigued me.  I just dipped my toe into the water on this with this project but I love it anyway!  The image may be requested at the Facebook group or bought at the Dragons Lair Designs Store on Etsy (link below).  I used the top hem of an old sheet (no tab needed!) and ripped the edges.  I  layered on a floral piece tearing the edges again and then a piece of burlap with the edges tattered.  I sewed all of  the pieces together with a dark thread and zig zag stitch.  The next step was to dye a used (but cleaned!!) dryer sheet with a robin's egg blue stamp pad and some water smushed together.  After it dried, I ripped it and mashed it up as a nest and glued to the top of my fabric flag.  I could have sewn and probably will next time.  The the debate whether to glue the image on or sew and sewing won out!  It is not perfect but that was what I was going for.  I stamped "Spring", a bird cage, and lovely little blue bird on the casing on which the flag hangs.  And now it will go hang in my kitchen window to encourage the birdies!!
P.S.  I have hand sanitizer and starch in small mister bottles in the shop and grabbed the hand sanitizer instead..yep the letters ran some but I still liked the results!

Happy Crafting!


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Welcome to My New Home

Thanks for following me to my new blog!  This is a work in progress so please be patient with me as I work out the new world of blogger!  Right now I am at a stopping point until one of my genius children come home and save me.  I hope to get the hang of it soon and be able to do more things here than I could at my old blog.  I will be keeping the old blog open until everything is worked out here and will post when we are open and ready for business on Blogger!  Til then as always Happy Crafting!