Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Murder of Crows Canvas

This canvas came from an Andy Skinner video and a fabulous rubber stamp, aptly named "A Murder of Crows" from Lost Coast Designs.  The canvas has many, many layers, some good, others that had to be covered up and started over!  The focal point was to be the stamp with the addition of two border stamps: "Skulls" and "Birds" again from Lost Coast Designs but I had never tried to stamp on a canvas with 15 layers on it before. Alas, it just would not work out stamping on the canvas, at least not for me!  So intent on completing this as planned, I stamped the image on tissue paper and with matte medium attached it over the partially stamped image.  Loved that it showed up the colors and the stamp!  Then the problem of covering up the tissue paper....many things tried but finally some Rusty Hinge Distress Ink dabbed on with a sponge gave me a look I could live with and I liked the look so much I used it on all the stamped images on the canvas that I had not redone with tissue paper because the look I had gotten went with my idea.  So after days of drying and crying here is "A Murder of Crows".

There is still time to enter the Lost Coast Designs Challenge #15 Circles it ends the 25th so hurry and join us!  And don't risk missing any of the upcoming news at our Lost Coast Portal to Creativity blog, lots coming up you won't want to miss!  

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ike's World Challenge #44 "Fashion"

I am using a fab freebie image from Ike's Art "Fashionista" for this fortnight's challenge along with a scenic background found in the Greece bundle, and another freebie called "Hello Kitteh".  Colored up everything with Prisma colored pencils and used strips of cardboard to make the two very different fashionistas pop off the background.  I also used watercolors around the awesome Greek scene.  Also used an arrow from Dragons Lair Designs for the sentiment.

Lovely and original! My kind of gals!

Looking forward to seeing you at Ike's World Challenge!  Remember each challenge has an awesome freebie like these two fantastic models so come by and stay and play!

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Smudge Fest Day 7

Super Hero Sunday! Here is a Love Grumpy but at night he is......Anti-Love Hero!!  He stalks the night shooting arrows into the hearts of new lovers breaking the magic of love and making chaos to all he touches!

 Thanks for a fun week More Smeared Ink!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Day 6 of Smudge Fest 2015

"Stencil Saturday" theme for today.  Steampunk angel wings from the Artist's Cellar on mixed media background ATC stamped with Smeared Ink stamp for the ATC set, do not know the name!!??  Edged with distress inks!

Last day tomorrow so get ready to get inky and something else?  Smeared and Smudged: More Smeared Ink

Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 5 at Smudge Fest "Use Fibers"

Ok, loving this create without putting a lot of thinking behind it or as I often do, agonizing over it!  Moving fast is fun and the theme just makes stamps I want to use pop in my head :)

Happy Crafting!

Poe's Grand Opening of His Theater

I saw this idea in a magazine and so wanted to make one!  Of course I did not have the specified materials needed so as always I feel back on my old friend, cardboard for boxes hoarded!  I made it with some new releases from the British Museum elements of architecture.  The original one I was inspired by had a drawer on the bottom to hold different props for different scenes and I intended on doing a drawer but the ruler was having a bad night and would not play right so we have no drawer.  It does have an area for the back drop you are using and then a divider for additional back drops.  

So when I saw the challenge for Quoth the Raven with so many things to pick to use, I had already made my little Poe puppet (yes it is impossible to make a brooding Poe puppet! After many tries I gave it up.)  The first backdrop was a graveyard scene from the museum releases and added the fabulous Ike's "Poe's Death Bed" when I saw the challenge theme.  Poe and the clay moon with a really weird face made from a Barbie doll mold I attempted, unexpected result!  They hang from a silver thin cord from a cardboard strip across the top, two strips for depth and layering.  Black lace, purple flowers, Poe written in foil tape for faux metal, purple air dry clay skull guarding the stage, and red on the awesome image from Ike's Art.  

 Taken without flash so some elements would show better

                      With the flash
Closer look inside the stage

 Side view of the innards of the theater :)

I have ideas swimming in my head for my little theater oh I mean Master Poe's theater.  He has agreed to share the stage with others just no poets, writers of any kind!  So of course I have agreed.  Take a look at the new challenge up at Quoth the Raven with special guest designer Susan, a totally awesome, lovely person, and while you are there pick 3 any 3 and pleaseth thy Master...sorry, really cannot pull off that language thing!

Happy crafting!

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day 4 at Smudge Fest Get Trashy

My kind of theme: get trashed, torn, worn, distressed, if only you could see what I salvage from the trash can!  I had the perfect paper for this but tears if you look at it.  My son bought it for me at a Hong Kong market in New Orleans that we went to and it is used for burning on altars I think, not sure no English on the package but got over a hundred sheets for 99 cents a bargain or what?  You have to have a backing paper for it as it cannot stand alone so from my trash stash came a junk mail advert so inked it with distress inks black and red then stamped images on paper lying on top of the inks..some seeped through.  Then four fab stamps from Smeared Ink in black and red and a handwritten word, taped carefully to junk mail backing and distressed inked it all over edges and front wrinkles. Ta Da! Trash talk make for today!

 Happy another piece of trash didn't make it to the dump!

Go here for the rules and daily themes to work with and a daily winner is chosen!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 3 at Smudge Fest at Smeared Ink

Challenge was get wet and messy! I went with watercolor paints and a fab rubber stamp by SI from the "Morte" set a flaming skull,  love him! Opened up a dollar store watercolor set and got a little messy.

So go to More Smeared and Smudged's page here and find the daily challenge through the 9th of this month.  Smudge Fest 2015! 

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Challenge #43 "All About the Night" at Ike's World Challenge

My kind of theme this fortnight!  It is time to explore "All About the Night" at Ike's World Challenge! Oh the wonders to consider!  But one image at Ike's Art store jumped out at me with its lovely image and wondrous title "Bite Me"!  I had just found a sentiment in a freebie image kit by Tiddly Inks I think?  So an image, a sentiment, and this awesome freebie background paper in an issue of Somerset Studios found at an antique store and I was in business!

I would definitely think several times before saying this to her!  She has such a lovely face but do not be deceived!  There is danger to the heart and eternal soul!

Time for you to enter the challenge at Ike's World now!  Also, as always, Ike has provided us all with one awesome freebie found on week one of this challenge!  I will be looking for your entry with my friend here....I am pretty easy going, her not so much!  So please enter at the linky of the Challenge page?  So much neater than having to clean up after her!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

It's Time for Round 4 at Dream in Darkness

That's right! Our fourth challenge is up and running at Dream in Darkness with Teri Sherman of Delicious Doodles generously sponsoring us this month!  I have wanted to make a tee for myself and my teamies and the image I picked of Teri's called "Let Me Out" was perfect!  A little coloring with my Chameleons and a little Photoshop work for the text and if only the iron had not gone through the washing machine a few months back! it would have been amazingly easy and awesome!  So please don't mind the wrinkles!

Remember, if using text on these transfer sheets, reverser the image first!  Almost made a major uh oh on that issue!  I just love my tee! I got them in xlarge sizes as I like to create with my loose tees and old scrub pants and any splatters will just add character to this beauty!

Now run look at the amazing makes by my teamies and help them in finding me where Evil Froggy has hidden me!  Would try and give you a hint but he watches my every move and word...hmmmm, let's try something...livingr.............................Nope!  Oh well, gave it a shot!  See ya over at Dream!

Happy Crafting! 

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