Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tic Tac Poe? Quoth the Raven Challenge # 43 Design Team Project

Oh well....still having computer issues so hoping to get Mr. Poe on here but probably without a watermark...sigh!  This month's challenge at Quoth the Raven is "Tic Tac Poe"!  The card to choose your 3 elements from is on the challenge page HERE!  This is such fun to pick 3 things and run with them.  I saw sewing or faux stitching and knew I had to go that way even if I didn't like the third option ( Master Poe being a component of them all, of course!) but it was a raven so that was just perfect, too!  I took a cheese it box and cut out one front/back? panel.  To that I layered a piece of my marvelous skelly and spider fabric, a piece of scrapbook paper with letters (we know the man loved his letters!), a torn dictionary page, a see through sparkly piece of material,  a Poe image from Rick St. Dennis, and a stamped and embossed raven..whew! I sewed the Poe and raven images first with a ziggy zaggy stitch and then loosely and roundly sewed around the edges of the layers.  Do sew the center pieces first or they can cause the rest of the materials to ripple.  And that is my Tic Tac Poe!  
If you have never entered our challenge this is the one to start is really, really fun and you can make it as fun as you like!  So I will be watching for you to enter......oh please do not let Mr. Poe or me down....we do so want to see your finished wonder!!
Happy crafting and see you soon!