Sunday, May 28, 2017

Revisiting Japan!

I was so excited to see Neko the whimsical Japanese cat as a new image by LeighSBDesigns!  I wanted to use some of my gorgeous photos from Japan in November last year and this worked out so well I thought!

Colored with Spectrum Noir markers and scanned into the computer then some magical thingy cut it out for me and I was able to pull it into my picture from Japan!  Magic I tell ya!  I added Japan 2016 with Neko for a nice feeling :)

Please check out the Etsy Store of LeighSBDesigns as new designs are coming and each is more fantastic than the last I do believe!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Oddleigh Lizard Boy Joins the Family at LeighSBDesigns!

What fun is this one!  I love this guy!  And he loves bugs and spiders which will be coming up next!  He is the Whimsical Oddleigh Lizard Boy with Spider at the LeighSBDesigns Etsy Store!  I colored him up with Prisma colored pencils and added some watercolors for a background for him to have a colorful home!

You are missing a treat if you don't run to the store and have a look see!  As a new image is released it is discounted until the next one is released!  Such fun and odd and whimsical images our Leigh has created and at such a fast pace!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Boston Terrier Jack in the Box! by LeighSBDesigns!

I was smiling so big when I saw this little guy!  So fun yet so much details!  I knew at once that I was going to be scrumping up a LeighSBDesigns image just a wee bit!  I wanted him to be jumping as much as he could!  His name in the LeighSBDesigns Etsy Store is Boston Terrier Jack in a Box so grab him while he is on sale!

Colored with Spectrum Noir markers and fussy cut; gluing the box down and pop dotting his upper parts after folding the lines of his pop up mechanism.

Keep checking the LeighSBDesigns Etsy Store in case you miss one of these lovelies!  I am having so much fun with them!

Friday, May 5, 2017

New Release at LeighSBDesigns....Vampire Cat!

Still on my search for the Egyptian tresure/doom but a little time off to relax with the zentangle Vampire Cat!  He is telling the world that he is a bit different....maybe likes a little nibble or two but he is a proud vampire cat!  How awesome to feel that good about  yourself!  LeighSBDesigns Etsy store will be having new releases every three days good at a reduced price until the next one comes out!  I assure you these are fantatic, imaginative digital designs that are a breath of fresh air for colorist!

I used an acrylic background with bokeh effects on it and Holt's Chit Chat Pack.

The link for this beauty will pop up here tomorrow and not feeling too well I wanted to get this posted now as it is already tomorrow at my house :)

May's Challenge Starts at Dragons Lair Designs!

Hi Dragonettes!  Just a short post to get us all ready for the May challenge at Dragons Lair Designs where the theme is Anything Goes with an optional twist of fashion!  Fun one this month!  I am doing a digital page as I am having back issues plus love playing with the kits digitally sooo much!  Here is my summer is already here in south Mississippi layout with a couple who have clothes on (fashion) but they are in silhouette so I will let our Challenge Leader, Susan, determine what category mine falls into! :)

Do come join the challenge!  A prize and lots of inspiration and nothing easier than Anything Goes, right?  Oh, my lady has a hat on!  Definitely fashion LOL

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sin City Stamps Blog Hop through the 9th Continues!

Just another reminder about the Sin City Stamps Blog Hop going on since the 3rd and through the 9th!  The Inspiration Team Blog has links to there blogs and visit them and before you go leave some love for them for a chance for prizes!

From the Sin City Stamps set Anime Fairies and Baby Dragons Fantasy set but don't worry my captured fairy only has a lock for decoration!  She comes and goes and she pleases :)  Oh and big note you cannot rush dry Peobo paints hence the odd sea shell in her home!

Don't forget to hop!

Check out all of the fun sets available at Sin City Stamps! And don't forget to join the Facebook Fan Page for challenges and more!

Twin Mermaids My First Double Canvas Painting!

The Art Sherpa, the fabtastic Cinnamon Cooney, has made me such a happy camper!  I have wanted to paint since I can remember and was going to college when I graduated high school a year early to study art.  But love changed that plan and I married my love of my life a year after graduating never regretting a moment of it!  Now as life has thrown quiet a few darts at me and dealing with them has been such a challenge, painting is my happy place!  And the Art Sherpa has led me to acrylic painting through her tutorials in real time and I am painting one or more painting on most days!  Today I painted the twin mermaids on double canvases and I am in love with it!  A few more tweaks and dots and it will be ready to varnish!

Thanks Cinnamon and Jon for being such awesome, positive influences on my life and so many others!  This canvas has many wishes under the paint and I am now finding I can't start painting without putting in the wishes!

You can find all or some of the Art Sherpa in the links below:
Pinterest (traceables found there also)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Blog Hop at Sin City Stamps May 3rd -9th!

Just another reminder about the blog hop at Sin City Stamps Inspiration Team Blog going through today until the 9th!  I have already hopped and saw plenty of inspiration!

More from the Angel of Time rubber set!  I like to call this Back to the Future for some reason....haven't watched the movies in years but vaguely remember a train in one?  Anyway I painted the stamped image with Chinese water paints and added some glitter I found in my mom's ceramic stuff she had given me.  Spritzed with some tea spray and attached to a cream sheet with the Roman numerals also included in the set stamped randomly.  Also LOVE the "Inked by:" stamp in the same set that I used in the corner!  A paper rose with numbers and letters on it and it was done.

Don't forget to go to the Sin City Stamps Inspiration Team Blog and go to each blog and leave some love in your comment on their blogs!  They worked hard and deserve a pat on the back!

Check out all of the fun sets available at Sin City Stamps! And don't forget to join the Facebook Fan Page for challenges and more!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Horus the Egyptian Cat by LeighSBDesigns Leads Me Toward Another Clue!

As you may know, we on the LeighSBDesign design team have been taking a little walk on the old Egyptian side with its wise and revered cats starting with Cleo.  Cleo's eyes seemed to be telling me she had something of value to share with me.  On my trip looking for clues came up with "walk like and Egyptian" nothing else.  I did not despair just decided to bide my time and see what else came along.  Well, Horus came up or rather clues to where he might be.  And being the excellent clue hunter than I am, I found him!  Or rather his image on an old, frail piece of parchment curled with age bearing his likeness and the words "walk like an Egyptian"!  Now that is two of the same clues one might think or could it be just the insistence that that is the clue and to somehow follow it to what treasures/riches/despair? might lay?  Anyway, here is the scroll I so carefully excavated!

Horus the Egyptian Cat can be found at the Etsy store of LeighSBDesigns along with all of her new releases which are all amazing!  More coming every 3 days so don't forget to keep checking!  And join and like our Facebook Fan Group for some freebies in the photo album section!  Make sure to post your creations to inspire us!

A Little Bit Late Like a Night Owl?

At the Dragons Lair Designs Facebook Fan Page we have a coloring contest where you can request a free digital image and if you color it and put it in the album you can get the image for the next month free again!  And for our loyalty points, if you color and blog your project you get two points!

Yoo Hoo the Owl  the mixed matched eyed little guy says "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" so I agree with him!  Why not?

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Sin City Stamps Blog Hop May 3rd!

Make sure you make time tomorrow to check out the fabulous Blog Hop over at Sin City Stamps Inspiration Team where it starts!  Lots of inspiration and fabulous stamps to put on your wish list or toss in your shopping basket!

This awesome set Angel of Time is one of my favorites!  I stamped the image and framed it then stamped and embossed in black the angel and pop dotted her on top of the glass.  The black frame, image and sentiment were all sponged with golden acrylic paint.  The sentiment is also black embossed and layered on some soft pink flowered paper.

Make sure to visit all of the blogs and leave a comment and some love tomorrow or today according to where you live!

Check out all of the fun sets available at Sin City Stamps! And don't forget to join the Facebook Fan Page for challenges and more!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Design Team for Delicious Doodles

Last minute I am late so late for a very important date!  Just found out about the DT call at Delicious Doodles the fabulous challenge of Teri Sherman's wonderful images so I am going ninety to nothing to get this in!  First, a little bit about me!  I am by no means amazing or fabulous; I just enjoy creating and being creative in any area! I have done ceramics, sew, paint, color, and stamp.  If it is a craft  I will try it!  I have been on several teams: Lost Coast Designs, Dream in Darkness (co-created it), RSD, Eclectic Ellapu, Rhedd's Creative Spirit, Ike's World Challenge, Quoth the Raven, and Rosey Hearts.  I took care of my mom for 5 months 24/7 as she died with lung cancer in October of last year after loosing my daddy to lung cancer in January of the same year.  We found out on Sunday he had it and Thursday he was gone.  But being mom's caregiver took my crafting time to almost zero although I did keep up with LCD making cards in the hospital while I stayed with her night and day sneaking gauze from the nurses to spruce up a card.  Anyway I left and lost most of my teams and now I am on LeighSBDesigns and am a beginning acrylic artist!  I take Alyce Keegan's coloring monthly lessons in markers and pencils so coloring is something I enjoy practicing and working on.

Here are a few of my favorite projects real quickly!


Thanks, Nan