Friday, November 10, 2017

Can't Stop Playing with Miss Oddleigh Catrina!

I colored up Miss Oddleigh Catrina by LeighSBDesigns again; I felt compelled to put her in a new background scene....does she have the powers to compel?  Hmmm, anyway seeing a YouTube video of the Art Sherpa painting a sugar skull combined with Vincent Van Gogh's famous starry night and sunflowers style it all seem to fit.  Miss Oddleigh  Catrina had found a new background!

She is colored with Prisma colored pencils and still no Photoshop so her colors are soooo not right, sob!  Picmonkey hates me I think.  I painted the background in my mixed media book with acrylic paints then glued her down.  I edged her with a Pitt Big Black Brush Marker to keep her from fading too much into the background.  I decided instead of using her fabulous Day of the Dead  sentiment that she comes with to give a nod to the night.  So she is celebrating the Day of the Dead and the night all at once.  The little gal will be popping up celebrating in all sorts of places I do believe!

Check out the Etsy Store and of course our Facebook Fan Group and give those using LeighSBDesigns in their projects some love!  Also a great treat is our own Leigh (yep the Leigh of LeighSBDesigns!) has a YouTube channel where she does some fantabulous coloring and some unique cool videos of her images!  All these linkys are right here next line!

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