Friday, November 10, 2017

A Second Chance to Try to Be on Ike's Design Team Again

I have had the ultimate pleasure of being on all of Ike's challenge blog design teams except for SUYP!  I was on her Quoth the Raven DT which I adored and miss so much!  I also made her Ike's World Challenge DT but both my parent's were fighting cancer and I had to resign with much regret.  I am now only on one other design team, LeighSBDesigns, and knocking about a house by myself that once had four other people coming in and out all the time for 7 days every other week when my son works.  So I do have time now although it saddens me the reason why I do after loosing both parents last year within 8 months of each other.

But to cheery things, I do adore Ike's images so and have quiet a collection from serving on her teams before ....some of those are hiding in my external hard drive in my parent's apartment but I will find it eventually I am quiet sure!  I enjoy the type of team Ike runs; they run smoothly and quiet drama free which is very important to me.  So I will show a few projects and I have only a few to show as my darling grandpup who outweighs me almost knocked my trusty old knock about work computer over and smashed the screen effectively loosing me a bunch of projects but good old Blogger (how many times can we say that?) has them all so hoping the new laptop and Blogger both cooperate with me tonight.

I can follow directions but wanted those three of Ike's but felt I needed to show my work on another company's images so I wouldn't look to desperate :)

Seriously, thanks for looking and the opportunity to show you my work.  As for my information, Ike pretty much knows me.  I am a widow, disabled, mom to two adult children and have 4 grandpups and a cat and a horse.  Sorta a zoo around here at times!

My Facebook page is Murphy Nan and my Instagram which I love posting on is Nan Murphy I have 129 posts and 134 followers since starting on it around last April? I am Nan590 on Twitter which I can only use through Instagram LOL and Tumblr and I are negotiating on how it works!

Long post sorry, but that is about it I think.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Nan - thank you so much for your application - or should I really say re-application ? :-D Can't find an email addy for you so am going to message you on FB xxxxx