Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Last Two Winners from the 31 Days of Halloween!

Wow! It is over and even though a lot happened during the 31 days for me personally, a good time was had by most of us I think!  I want to thank the loyal lovelies who commented on myThan projects even though I had such a messed up time!! UGH!  So let's see who the winner's are!

For Monday, the 23rd, the winner is:  TINK!  Congrats, Tink, and thanks!

For Monday, the 30th, the winner is:  MARY!  And also sending you the witch hat bookmark :)   Congrats, Mary, and thank you, too!

And for kicks LOL here is a Art Sherpa taught painting of the Witch Sisters!

Sorry no editing software...the good luck continues as I knocked the table over with my old laptop that has everything on it!!! and broke the screen!  Double UGH!

Thanks again for putting up with Ghost Nan and the real pain in the rear, Real Nan, and a really messed up month!  It was great to read your comments and don't forget to come back and visit when you can! 

OH! Tink and Mary, please email me your addresses or pm me on FB. My email is and Murphy Nan on FB....friend me!

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