Friday, June 12, 2015

Warning! Please Read Before Going to Ike's World Challenge's Blog Hop Post!

Somehow my blog is linking up to weird things!  In the following Ike's World Hop it has "images" as a link do not go to it! I have checked the other links and they are alright.  Ike's World Challenge is also showing a link like this linked to the word "Freebie" in her banner.  I do not know if it is a blogger issue or my computer just wanted you to be aware!


  1. Erk !!! Don't know why that is doing it to you Nan. The links here worked ok for me !! The only thing that is weird on your Hop Post if the last link says "Lynne's blog" but it actually links to Black Dragon as it should do ??!!! Odd !

    IKE xxx

    1. And right now in your comment ""the links" is highlighted with a little green arrow at the corner of it and it will take you to an odd site! Possessed it is!!! EEEK!