Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Dead Scary Fairy!

I was thinking of what to do for this theme when a marvelous Random Act of Kindness package arrived in my mail!  Inside hiding from me, was a kit with 2 dead fairies to make with all materials included! So the only things I had to change were the wings (the kit contains 2 lovely butterflies for wings) so I stamped 2 tiny sugar skulls for wings and glued on her back.  And the material for dress was lovely white material so I took some black sheer shiny material for her skirt and I stamped the flower and tiny butterfly for her top with black ink.  I also added red seed beads on a string of thread for her tiny head/skull! 

I then caught the sneaky little thing flying over my gardenia's sprinkling them with her magic dust ( regular fairies do this to make flowers grow pretty!) but her powder kills flowers!!  And I understand she is a little/lot bummed out over the whole dead thing so to prevent someone swatting her I caught her in a jar and I give her fresh flowers daily so she can eat and drink and then kill them to keep her occupied!  And don't go "how cruel to cage her!" because I let her fly about the house as I can't grow house plants so no danger in that!  And when she tires she flies back into her jar and hangs out there.  Oh, I forgot to explain the tarantula....how did I forget that thing??  He is not a danger to her at all.  In fact, when I caught her she insisted he come inside also!  EEK!  The dead fairy did not frighten me at all but a tarantula??  Frightened!! But he makes her happy and they play around in their house and yes! he is allowed out to play with her in the house! I just make sure I am not in that room when they play......yep! definitely scared of him!

In this picture, she has already killed the gardenia and the black glitter looking stuff is the remains of her special dust!  I am careful to not let it get tracked into the outside garden.....dangerous stuff!
And here she is hanging out in her home!  So hard to keep her still for a photo!
 She is hovering over the flower she killed....sorry for reflection!

 Here she is outside of her house! Such a lovely skelly fairy!

 Showing her butterfly chest covering and flower scepter that dispenses the magic dust!

 A back view of her..she opposed this one very much!!

 Here she is in her home...notice those legs to the right! EEk!

And here he is in all his creepy glory!
 The top with a very strong warning for the uninformed in my home!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting her!  She was so much fun to make and check her out along with my team mates at our challenge blog Dream in Darkness, please?  You won't be disappointed I am so sure of that!  Now check you garden and see if you have a dead scary fairy in it! She says there are lots more of her kind out there but they do not like each other (because of the bad attitude thing about being ...well, dead!) so they are always found alone or maybe with a good friend like old Tary the Tarantula! So do be careful while looking, their friends are very protective of them!

Happy scary crafting and gardening!!

Dead Fairy Kit available if in stock at SilverCrow Creations!


  1. What a marvelous job here, Nan! Rather spooky, but that is what we love on the darker side, isn't it. Love the wings you created for your fairy. What an inspiration piece of mail to get you started! Well done, my friend!

    1. Thank you so much, Kay! You are such a wonderful artist I am so happy you take the time to visit my blog! Will miss you sooo much on our fav spot to share about our "friend"! Do keep in touch, please? Hugs and lovexx