Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Horus the Egyptian Cat by LeighSBDesigns Leads Me Toward Another Clue!

As you may know, we on the LeighSBDesign design team have been taking a little walk on the old Egyptian side with its wise and revered cats starting with Cleo.  Cleo's eyes seemed to be telling me she had something of value to share with me.  On my trip looking for clues came up with "walk like and Egyptian" nothing else.  I did not despair just decided to bide my time and see what else came along.  Well, Horus came up or rather clues to where he might be.  And being the excellent clue hunter than I am, I found him!  Or rather his image on an old, frail piece of parchment curled with age bearing his likeness and the words "walk like an Egyptian"!  Now that is two of the same clues one might think or could it be just the insistence that that is the clue and to somehow follow it to what treasures/riches/despair? might lay?  Anyway, here is the scroll I so carefully excavated!

Horus the Egyptian Cat can be found at the Etsy store of LeighSBDesigns along with all of her new releases which are all amazing!  More coming every 3 days so don't forget to keep checking!  And join and like our Facebook Fan Group for some freebies in the photo album section!  Make sure to post your creations to inspire us!

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