Monday, August 1, 2016

August and Rhedd's Creative Spirit

I had this almost finished for July as you will recall when it disappeared..those darn gremlins!  But what a surprise when I found it all ready to finish for August.  Like a mini present :)  I have seen a lot of cereal box notebooks big and small so definitely wanted to give it a try.  I used the glue resist method then Nuance Powders with some Gelatos to add some shimmer.  The binding went a bit wacky but I can still use it.

I love the colors the Nuance Powders available at Lost Coast Designs produce and the resist with the glue was my first try but fun.

A huge green bead? found in my stash of broken jewelry bits and bobs became the perfect clasp and needed no painting!

Tangled Blue Rose had given me a ton of paperclay flowers and fun things..even a fly! so I colored them carefully with watercolor paints to keep from dissolving them.  The fly just had to go there for my title of the notebook "Always a Fly in the Ointment".

Come inspire us at Rhedd's Creative Spirit Challenge blog this month so we can visit your blogs and leave some love!  Thanks for having a look xx

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