Thursday, May 4, 2017

Twin Mermaids My First Double Canvas Painting!

The Art Sherpa, the fabtastic Cinnamon Cooney, has made me such a happy camper!  I have wanted to paint since I can remember and was going to college when I graduated high school a year early to study art.  But love changed that plan and I married my love of my life a year after graduating never regretting a moment of it!  Now as life has thrown quiet a few darts at me and dealing with them has been such a challenge, painting is my happy place!  And the Art Sherpa has led me to acrylic painting through her tutorials in real time and I am painting one or more painting on most days!  Today I painted the twin mermaids on double canvases and I am in love with it!  A few more tweaks and dots and it will be ready to varnish!

Thanks Cinnamon and Jon for being such awesome, positive influences on my life and so many others!  This canvas has many wishes under the paint and I am now finding I can't start painting without putting in the wishes!

You can find all or some of the Art Sherpa in the links below:
Pinterest (traceables found there also)

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