Friday, January 1, 2016

Battle of the Snow! Bloobel Stamps Rock!

I was shown some exciting, new digital stamps that just made my heart sing for its weird wonderfulness!  That amazing place is Bloobel Stamps!  Then the icing on the cake was when they sponosored our challenge blog Dream in Darkness this month!  Talk about double great!  So I got to play with "Snow Thunk" love the names, too!  This poor fellow seems to me to be level headed and even tempered until that wet, slushy snowball made him "thunk" about it!  Now he is seeing blue and ready for revenge with that clenched fist!  

This is a canvas made by my dad for me and mom stretched some fabric over the frame and I had  the perfect size canvas!  I had it ready and gessosed when my new Nuance Powders available at Lost Coast Designs arrived so of course sprayed with water and sprinkled a cool blue powder on and it was magic.  Love those powders!  Some embossed snowflakes before the powders and then some gelatos silver metallic on them and glued him down with his arm bent a bit to make it a little 3D.  The last thing was some Photoshop magic text as the ones I tried to make for it just didn't make it pop at all.

Please visit Bloobel Stamps and have a look at their awesome unique stamps and start thinking about Valentine's Day and wicked hops coming up that these will work great in and they are adding new ones all the time.  And check out our challenge at Dream in Darkness where we want to see your odd, quirky, weirdness, and of course dark in any form and any theme!  How easy is that?  Till next time keep those fingers inky and busy :)

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