Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tutorial Tuesday at LeighSBDesigns Inspiration Blog

I am so excited to have my tutorial up on the LeighSBDesigns Inspiration Blog today!  I hope you will go by and visit and leave a comment so we can know you stopped by!  I am sharing my Anubus Bust artist trading coin.  I am loving these coins so much and waiting for my 2 1/2 inch paper punch to come in so that I can create a lot more of them 😊.

Artist trading coins are 2 1/2 inches (hence the wait for the right paper punch!) and are used the same way as artist trading cards.  I am finding them more difficult to create than the cards just because of the smaller area that is available to work with.   This also makes them such fun!

The fabtastic image Anubus Bust by LeighSBDesigns is a definite must have before the all important Halloween season arrives!  Researching Anubus will give you tons of inspiration on projects to make the ghouls scream with delight and fright!

See ya over at the Inspiration Blog!


  1. EEeeeee !!! What a fantastic idea. I just love doing ATCs and I think this Coin idea is awesome. Your Anubis coin is stunning and you did a fabulous tutorial :-D I'd love to have a go at this :-)
    IKE x

    1. I had a ton of fun working on him, Ike! I really really need a 2 1/2 inch punch though LOL My cutting is not accurate enough for three or more circles to be glued together ;) xx

    2. Gosh - yes. I know the feeling. I'll have to have a look to see if I have one before I embark on a session of these babies LoL