Monday, December 4, 2017

New Release First Christmas by LeighSBDesigns!

This digital image was a delight to work with for many reasons. The name is aptly First Christmas by LeighSBDesigns!  It so reminded me of my babies first Christmas (the little outfit was straight out of their baby books!) the only exception being my daughter was really bald for the first year and a half of her life :)  I am sure she won't mind me sharing that, right? hehe  The detailed image was also fun to color up and so many ideas how to use it!  I came up with one of those photo Christmas cards some people send.  I never have because I hate having my photo taken!  But they are cute and some of my friends do it so I got my inspiration from them.

Still enjoy those first Christmas memories when I look at this....sigh!  I would say at least now I can sleep all night but we all know my sleep schedule so I won't go there ;)

Pop on over to LeighSBDesigns Inspiration blog to see how I made this one.

Check out the store and treat yourself to some early Christmas prezzies plus you can make some awesome projects FOR Christmas so not selfish at all!

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