Saturday, June 24, 2017

#artifacts Journal Project of Seth Apter's

I signed on for the #artifacts journaling project for 2017 proposed by Seth Apter which much trepidation!  I am not known for my journaling skills but after a very emotionally draining 2016 thought that getting some things down on paper with art might help me on my way to healing.  So I am giving it a try although very far behind; I do enjoy the time I spend on it.  This month my page that spoke to me most was made with a pair of gorgeous rainbow eyes painted in acrylics on a canvas by the Art Sherpa on Youtube.  They seem to represent the tears of sadness and joy that have come my way in the last year and a half.

They also remind me of how people we know and strangers watch our journeys and make their own decisions about how we should and should not act.  This page seemed to sum it all up with a beautiful pair of eyes as the prize.  I used acrylic paints, stencils, washi stamp, die cuts and stamps.

I took this out of my 3 ring binder to photo it but it is now in place with my next favorite page that is a reminder of a cruise in February of 2016.  Watercolors and acrylic washes and layers.

And finishing up with another water motivated out little crab that octopus looks a bit hungry and already has a sticky tentacle on you!!  Watercolor paints, stencils and octopus die cut.

Hope you will join the quest plenty of time to catch up or start rules!  One of my favorite things about it!

That's it for June!  Have a great July and journal it :)