Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pocket Letter Full of Sin City Stamps!

I love pocket letters seeing them done by fabulous crafters but I have only made one in my entire life!  Well to rectify that I have made one full of Anime Fairies and Baby Dragons and Fairy Fantasy Figures from Sin City Stamps.  I used a product from my new favorite bargain hunting Tuesday Morning and  they had 3 colors super cheap so of course had to try them.  They come out just like gallery glass and resist all paints...watercolors and acrylics!  Also ink for stamping so even though it messed with my stamping a wee bit I liked the look and kept on rolling with it!

Now to see who gets the pocket letter!  Hmmm and will they want it LOL!

Check out all of the fun sets available at Sin City Stamps! And don't forget to join the Facebook Fan Page for challenges and more!

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