Thursday, April 20, 2017

Another Notebook from the Tree of Life Set from Sin City Stamps

I love this set of trees from all leafed out to ready for Halloween!  I bought these really really bright note cards thinking of course that I could use them in some way and ah ha! here it is!  I made another little quick and easy journal/notebook to grab on the way out of the door going to the beach or a festival or bird watching and make my notes on the way home!  The set is Tree of Life 11.

A nice little clip holds it all together with some additional stamping from the Journal Two Set from Sin City Stamps!

Each tree has his own page with some words to keep me motivated to take notes and photos! 

I cut some contrasting colors and stamped with the Journal Two Set to make pockets so slip memorabilia in such as ticket stubs and goodies I always find!

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