Friday, July 1, 2016

Some Scraping by for July at Rhedd's Creative Spirit

Question:  What do you do when you have an almost so almost completed project for your design team make at Rhedd's Creative Spirit and your mom goes into the hospital? Why you start finding bits and bobs that the nurses take off of things they use that will make a design and that they are going to toss and you grab it!  You will get some very odd looks but just explain you are creating on the cheap at the moment :)  

I had kept a bag with some images, markers and pencils, watercolors, gelatos, stamp block and stamp pad. Oh, and just by luck my daughter found my glue and scissors to bring to me.  So I went from a notebook made from a cereal box (watch next month) to a mixed media journal/canvas page.  

Background focal point is from Dragons Lair Designs "Summer Retreat" collection torn around the edges and glued to the mixed media paper. Gelatos to the rescue to edge it and color the rest. A plastic cap for mom's feeding tube that was being thrown away (it was a protective piece on new tubing trust me no gross stuff) made some great circles with one end and some larger solid circles for the big Zentangle Checker Fish from Lost Coast Designs to show he is breathing and to place all about on the page.  The circle tool that came with the gelatos that I have never used made some purple perfect circles, too.  Next after coloring the Zentangle Checker Fish with Gelatos, fussy cutting, and attaching, I cut out 5 seahorses (also from "Summer Retreat") that I had miraculously copied out at the same time as the mixed media background piece were cut out, edged with Gelatos, and glued to lead the parade of fun!  A wonderful square stamp from Carmen's Veranda called  "Paradise Square"  with most of the word "PARADISE" was stamped right onto the paper before adding the seahorses. A swell find was these little star shaped sponge mouth swabs, again this one came straight out of the plastic packaging as it was leftover, made a great tool to dip in blue watercolor paint and stamp around on the page. Some white dots to outline that cute Zentangle Checker Fish finished off my limited supply journal page that may become a canvas.

I was challenged at first as to what to alter or create mixed media because all of my ideas lacked certain supplies but I was pleased to find out there are things around us that if we think about it make awesome tools.  I hope you will try this at home one day.  Just limit yourself to certain absolutely necessary things and then go on a hunt and be inspired by what you find!

I do look forward to visiting your blog and being inspired by your creations this month!  You all took our breath away last month with the fabulous and unique makes we saw and it was my turn to choose the winner....sigh and eek!  But congrats to all of you on jobs well done and please come stun us again for July at Rhedd's Creative Spirit.

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