Friday, July 1, 2016

More Rubber Dance Fun at Dream in Darkness!

I just love Rubber Dance Stamps!  Awesome to work with and sooo many that I want...of course that is all of themThis is the second month in a row that Dream in Darkness is being sponsored by the lovely Bibi and I did a "to be continued" project so I am recapping a bit to catch a up.  I started last month with a house box that gave the appearance of a happy home. opened up the box. That black and red paint looks totally opposite from the pretty colors and glitter beads on the outside.

When she found a little box that was worn from being held and opened by him over the many years of their what seemed, happy marriage, her heart was in her throat she slowly opened it to find the worn hotel receipt (Vintage Hotel Receipt), the treasured picture of him and HER (Nostalgia Love)....someone she had never seen nor known, but lovingly leaning on him in the picture, receipts (Collage Elements 1) from trips, little love notes with hearts (Nostalgic Couples set).  It flooded over her that he had not been hers for a very, very long time; her love for him had been an illusion that he had allowed her to have all the time thinking of the one he really loved.

Quietly sobbing, she closed the box and replaced it where she had found it.  She knew in her heart even though it was breaking to pieces at the moment that the anger would come.  And it did.  She never let him know she knew.  Although he would look at her curiously as she would retreat to a place in her mind and that same look would come over her face, she just went about their now lie in sadness and determination knowing that one day......  She knew she would never have to do a thing.  Life would take from him all that he cared for just as he had taken all from her all that had caused her joy.  Karma......she never had to say a word or do a thing.  It took care of it for her in time.

On the side of the house I used one of the "Sarcastic Superpowers" sentiments from the whole set of quirky senties and a watch from the "Collage Elements 1".  I also made an ATC with another fab watch from the "Travel" set and background stamp called "Marble" along with the "Candle" which is on sale for the Yule in July Special (good time to get a great deal on your Christmas stamps! Also used the word "discover" from the set "ATC Backgrounds 1".

I hope you will join us this month at Dream in Darkness where the theme is always "Anything Goes" and win the fantastic prize from Rubber Dance Stamps!
CT Nan, glad to be back with the bestest teamies at DID after a long leave due to all the issues going on with my families health. Thanks for taking time to stop by :)


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