Sunday, June 12, 2016

Haunted House at Lost Coast Designs and Carmen's Veranda

Note; I just realized this didn't publish so the event is past but here are my details!
It's Half-of-Ween at the Lost Coast Portal to Creativity and that means halfway point to Halloween!  All of my stamps were levitating out of their folders to get a chance to play...they can't wait until Halloween either!  So here they are first from Lost Coast Designs: Skull with Wings, Murder of Crows, ATC Grunge Background, Crow Border,, and now, Carmen's Veranda: Small Witches, Three Trees, and Large Skeleton Shrine. They all gathered together to form a haunted house to play at until the happy month gets here :)

 And a what if?  What if....good old Alfred had been inspired after watching the Oz bunch instead of some birds?  Yep, then we would have had the much more terrifying "The Monkeys" coming into YOUR theater soon!  

All coming at ya from Carmen's Veranda (except for one small crossover from Oz that landed at Lost Coast Designs: Wizard of Oz set 2 Alfred Hitchcock Standing, Three Trees, Flying Monkeys Background

Check out all the details at the Portal and get in on the fun!  And please remember our challenge this and come play with us!

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