Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 26 of DominoArt's Scarefest 2015

I keep a lot of things for sentimental reasons...a lot!  But recently they have been coming in handy so I am excused!  I used my lovely 1 of 2 jenga pieces I have left after 20 odd years..and yesterday while looking for something in the storage room, I found the  pieces to a game called "Marry, Date or Dump?"  a Hasbro game LOL.  Never remember even buying it but it had four player main cards that were perfect small canvas size and a box with sooo many smaller playing cards for the game.  So a canvas and a sentiment holder....what more could I ask for?

Proof it was a real game..the little card is already glued on the front..

I have been playing around with drawing these girls and just love doing it..this one is done with Prisma colored pencils and watercolor paints with a black marker and white sharpie.  I did get this in the wrong order as Prismas do not like watercolor paper and the wax in them prevents the watercolor paints from absorbing into the paper but hey it was my first one so not complaining too badly.  I gessoed up the big card and dropped food coloring onto it while it was still damp but it faded the colors out so some sprays and fluid and regular acrylics with some DecoArt interference paint dropped on to it gave me a background I could live with.  Fussy cut my doll and glued her down then used 2 of Michael's dollar bin stamps (they have some very cute ones this year!) and some sentiment tags from a paper pad glued to the smaller card and she was done.  Oh, just a little Diamond Accents on the eyes and lips to glam her up a bit.

That's it for me this DominoArt's  Scarefest, 2015, but will look for the chance to play again next year!  Thanks to our lovely hostess, the Sharpie Queen, for making it so much fun!  Keep coming back to the link about until Halloween for more spooktacular altered game art!

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