Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Tell - Tale Heart

The challenge at Quoth the Raven this month is "Material" meaning use some sort of fabric in the make.  I had seen a project from an awesome lady who had taken a hand drawn basic human heart and embroidered the outline and lots of small, medium, and large words "loud" to indicate how the heart beating beneath those floorboards had tormented the killer.  I fell in love with this shoulder bag made of a cotton and wanted to try one.  Well, first I thought the embroidery would not be a big challenge until I made the first stitch!  Then I remembered that I did not know how to do it so well if any!   I should have started this the 1st day of the month of last month to have done a better job of this.  But I kept on going and ended up with my version of this fabulous project.  I am not done with it and will get the right fabric and take the time and maybe get my Mom to refresh my skills and tackle it again!

I added some red seed bead drops and drips to the valves of the heart.

It has a black lace strap that doesn't show up too well on a black spider Queen Halloween costume already on the dress form!
Still time but not a whole lot so make something Poe related and make sure you have some fabric in it  and come see the Quoth the Raven crew with your make, they are waiting for you!  And remember all Poe makes are also welcome at Dream in Darkness Challenge Blog so get two for you time and effort!



  1. WooHoo !!! How cool that is and a very scary bag :-) I bet that would draw some attention :-D
    Thanks for making something and coming over to play at QUOTH THE RAVEN Nan :-D

    IKE xxx

    QTR Author

    1. Thanks so much, Ike! The one that inspired me was so awesome and she did an apron with "The Raven" words written on it in black and red with red and black tulle under it...I swooned when I saw them LOL Gonna try again with the right stuff and a little help :)

  2. How fabulous!! This must have taken so long, really great. Thank you for sharing with us at QTR xx