Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's a New Month at Rhedd's Creative Spirit!!

My Mom found two boxes my Dad had made without a pattern and had them sitting on her table all dusty and painted white.  I immediately procured one for myself!!  It then became black and I had this lovely silver textured spray paint that I was going to cover it in and then sand off. Well the spray went on in a lovely pattern that I said "Why mess with this?"!  Then came the fun part! I used gold polymer clay and stamped 4 pieces with Smeared Ink rubber stamps for the same set and one odd bird from vivalasvegas stamps.  Baked a little less than recommended time due to the thinness because I had charred some before! I added perfect pearls after pressing the clay pieces on an embossing pad. Loved the red and the blue but the blue is not showing up in photos.  Glued onto the sides and dusted the knob with the red perfect pearls without any adhering medium.  I glued a piece of white lace ( needed black and will change!) to the edge of  the top trimmed to fit and added a piece of black ribbon on top of the white lace.  Then I repurposed a necklace that had some lovely elements to it but when I wore it I got tangled up in everything in the stores!! So it took on a new life as dangles for the corner of my box top!

Sorry for the sideways view!!!  They are standing up on box!!
Now it's your turn to create something alter it, paint it, just NO cards, ATC's, or tags.  Read the rules for specifics on ATC's and tags.  Take something you are going to toss and remake it, bring it to another wonderful life! So many things we throw away can be repurposed into awesome art.  Dried up paint brushes become dolls, old paint tubes become people, drink cans can be embossed or just use the fantastic images some of them have!  I drink what has a cool can! lol!  Old jeans? Take a pocket and go crazy with it!  The possibilities are endless and we want to see all of your wonderful ideas to inspire out team!  And please check out my team mate's blogs for details of that fabulous paper dresss!! the awesome altered frame, oh my I can't list them all I am so excited about them!!  Go see for yourself and take a second to leave a comment, please?  One word is fine! We love to see "Fabulous"!  Less than a second to write it!  Thanks and see your blogs when we comment on your pretties!!
Happy Crafting and Altering!
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  1. looks amazing! white lace becomes black with alcohol ink btw xx

  2. This is just stunning hun. Really love the dripped effect down the bottle xx

  3. This is just stunning hun. Really love the dripped effect down the bottle xx

  4. WoW - what a cool creation. I love your stamped clay and the finish on the box. It makes me think of those cremation thingies :-) xxxx

  5. This is so elegant and lovely Nan but I must say... it seems a bit tame for you! It's rather nice to see your conservative side pop out!!!! Best of all - it's wonderful that you made something fabulous out of your Dad's handywork! j.