Tuesday, May 5, 2015

15 Days of Terror at DominoArt

It's time to have Halloween in May at DominoArt's Challenge BLOG!  This is my very batty bracelet and it was made in a day and reassembled in a day!! So there are two versions..warning the first one is so ugly it is scary!! Hide all children!!

I started off with 5 regular sized plastic dominoes, the kind that come in a tin for around $4 dollars at the dollar store.  I stamped each one with a bat image from the Smeared Ink rubber set "A Little Bit Batty" with black ink pad.  I had a completely different idea for this with black beads and gorgeousness but alas it did not work.  And the picture belies the fact that I have bird like arms!! lol!  So fitting 5 regular sized dominoes was not easy to do, it kept falling off my arm as I worked on the first plan.  So plan two developed!  I had this really outdated watch so I removed the watch without a moments care and repurposed the lovely band.  It was a glossy copper and getting some black and red on to it was not easy but I did my best!  The dominoes had one flicking of red paint on them already over the bats....you know bats and blood..well in the movies anyway! so I added another flicking and then dabbed each one onto my embossing pad and covered in UTEE powder.  I love this stuff! I could have gone another coat for a smoother finish but rather liked the bumpy one that one coat can give.  Of course, this was followed by a heat gun to melt all the yumminess together!  Then black felt glued on back of dominoes and dominoes glued onto band..missed my spacing a little bit, Yoshi uprooted the tray I had lain it out on and I didn't get them back right. Yes, I am blaming Yoshi for it...bwahahahah!  And that was that!  I have a batty bracelet I shall wear with pride!
Happy Crafting!
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  1. Hi Nan, this post sure did make me smile with your bird like arms lol. What ever you did it worked, absolutely fantastic.

    Hugs Anna xx

    1. Thanks lol!! I appreciate YOU commenting.😉

  2. cool bracelet, thanks for playing at Haunted Design House

  3. Fantastic bracelet. Thanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House. :) x

  4. Re purposing, I love it. Make.it work girl. And you did.  Come back next month for some more Smudgy Antics.

  5. Great altered dominos Nan... Glad you joined Leigh for her Half-o-ween at Domino art and thanks for sharing with us at Smudgy antics this month. Love BDx

  6. Nan I love this, such a wonderfully creative piece, I love those bats :D Thank you for sharing this with us at Smudgy Antics xxx