Monday, May 25, 2015

It's DominoArt Time!!

At DominoArt this month, the theme is "Ravens" and you can alter any game piece.  First, you need to go check out Leigh aka The Sharpie Queen who rules over DominoArt Land HERE and enter Challenge #13 "Ravens"!  Here is my humble offering....yes his feet insisted on smudging or no that is a cobweb on them!  You can decide which one to go with. :)

Look at the magnificent patina or aged look of this domino!  I did nothing to it! My mom and dad bought at least 12 of them for $2 at the thrift store. Mom says they look like some form of material that was used prior or in conjunction with plastic.  There are no seam lines in them.  So I stamped the spider webs on the corners and then stamped the raven portion on the domino.  Using a new stamp pad...went for the cheaper one while on vacation and it was a mistake.  I then stamped the raven on cardstock and cut out and inked really well and glued onto the stamped image.  When dry, I added Dimensional Magic to the top of the domino to seal. Then a piece of red glitter foam made him a shiny red eye.
So please check out our friend the Queen of DominoArt and read about this challenge!  And also going on is the 15 days of Terror of Half-o-Ween!  Every other day of this month, there will be a new Halloween themed game piece art posted.  We have all posted from Dream in Darkness Challenge found HERE and we are a dark themed challenge blog so make a raven dark project and enter at both places!  And get this at Quoth the Raven this month we are having the theme "Raving Ravens"!  So 3 challenge entries from one make! Awesomeness!  Also, look for the Dream in Darkness Challenge badge as a Patron on DominoArt while visiting, we are very proud of that!
Happy Crafting!


  1. That's fabulous - I like him a lot and soooo fiddly on a Domino !!!! :-D xx

  2. I am so disappointed "he" smeared his feet!..dumb fellow! lol! That's what I get for trying to rush!! lol Thanks sweetie! hugs xx

    1. Beautiful Nan, most of my projects have imperfections, it adds more character : ). Tim Holtz often says to "embrace your imperfections." You did a great job!