Monday, May 4, 2015

Dragons Lair Designs Inspiration Blog for "Our Family Collection" Available Now

The fabulous "Our  Family Collection" has so many elements to it; you have to see it to believe it!  I had a box from Christmas, yes I hoard them!, and I wanted to make a special box to keep my special jewelry set. So far the Dragons Lair Designs project I started opening pieces and papers for this kit and knew they were for my dear box.  I used a paper from the collection to cover the box.  It has an almost snakeskin look to it over some lovely writing.  Very unique looking!  And I printed out the film strip, the green gem, and the key one time.  I printed the flower, feather, and end corners out twice.  I also used UTEE powder and embossed the key and flower 2 times with the UTEE and the end corners got one coat.  I love this look! I cut the feathers to make the edges feathery and cut along the petal lines of both the flowers, bending them up and down for a more dimensional look.  The film strip I thought I had ruined by laying it down on an Antique Lined distress ink pad, but I kept at it and it seemed to me to look like a really old negative strip (I am from the good old days of negatives!) 
Then it was simply putting them down. First the film strip, then feather, flower, tucked the gem under the petals and the key sitting across the top of them. I am in love with my new jewelry box and will not forget to put my special set in it because it is so fabulous to look at! 
"Our Family Collection" is in the store now (links below) and I can tell you honestly this is an awesome kit that you will find yourself using as I did for your whole project, or as a hybrid with digital, and I have one to show you on the 9th that is totally digital.  How many times can you buy a kit that you get that much use out of?  Not often! 
Thanks for looking and look forward to seeing some of your makes with this collection on our Facebook Group page also linked below.  We love seeing what you make, too!

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