Thursday, October 19, 2017

Day 19 of the 31 Days of Halloween!

Japan loves Halloween!  I am talking it it a big deal there with some very scary 3D shows that I refused to even step foot into after last years Doll House horror!  They know scary me they know it very well!  Today's post is some pics from around Tokyo that I managed to hobble through and get!

You might recognize this ole witch!  A display at the mall near the airport.

Not Halloween but some awesome crepes and two horror show heads in there!

All taken at the Sunshine City Aquarium in Ikeburro!  Now there were some really fiendish looking things from the sea in there!  But a beautiful place to be in at this spooky time of year!

Game is still on~ Comment and win if Mr. Random.Org chooses you!

Ghoul of you to stop by!
And just realized yesterday was NOT the 19th day of the 31 Days of Halloween! Another EEEK!


  1. The ghost are glowing. fun picture.
    Love the large posters with the
    scary people looking out. :-)
    thanks for sharing.

  2. These are Fantastically Creepy!!

  3. I had no idea that Halloween was a big deal in Japan...learned something new. Thanks, Nan. Great photos although the first two were a little scary...LOL :) Bonnie (LeighSBDesigns)

  4. Great post today, love the pics!

  5. That's so awesome that they celebrate Halloween & yep, Japan knows how to do scary!