Monday, February 6, 2017

Lovers Theme at the Lost Coast Portal to Creativity!

I am not a Valentine's Day person since the  loss of my husband.  Sort of the Scrooge of Valentine's Day ...bah heart bug! :)  But the The Lost Coast Portal to Creativity   monthly challenge starts TODAY and the theme is LOVERS.  Ok I told myself I can work with that go all romantic and elegant!  Then I remembered my new release stamp of the puppets Kukla and Ollie and it was over at the point! And they are new releases at Carmen's Veranda Stamps ! It became puppet love all the way!

Yes, puppets fall in love too spending all that time in a trunk together....hmmmm, think about it!  So I took a strip of DT Valentine's paper and glued to the bottom intending to leave it as a pocket so the puppet sticks could go where I wanted them but forgot and just cut a slit with my kraft  knife.  My stamp was stamped on white paper and colored with Spectrum Noir Markers and a cardboad "stick" glued to the back, then stuck in and left unglued so they can be moved like actual puppets!

A die that I cannot remember the company that made it! was cut in red and some peel and stick letters spell out "My Love" with a very red feather at the end and a pewter heart in the middle.  The little guy is holding a fake holly berry from a holiday spray but it looked just like a candy apple in his hand so he is is giving his sweet a sweet!

Don't forget to come play with us this month!  And if you are anti-Valentines then think outside of the box and find you a pair of something that looks very much in love and create away!  As always the The Lost Coast Portal to Creativity  has all the info on events, challenges, designer's Reviews; the whole kit and kaboodle!



  1. Love your puppet card and love that you called it puppet love! Murphy Nan

  2. Brilliant card. I am not a fan of Valentine's Day either. It all seems too commercial these days.