Sunday, May 1, 2016

May's Challenge at Rhedd's Creative Spirit

I saw and swooned over the Pebeo paint line long after it had first come out...behind as usual!  I
found a bargain on the Moon and Prism starter set and have had them for months with just one little play with them for a make for this challenge, ironic :)  This time I started with one idea on an old outdated key holder and had mermaids swimming in my head and this happened:

I had to get my son to photo and edit it for me the shine and shimmer is unreal on this thing!  I did the background and used a bunch of colors and let them swirl a bit and then the paint did it's magic!  I free handed a mermaid shape on acrylic paint paper and put the paints adding some red for her hair. I also added some gold mica flakes to her tail then let dry and cut her out and glued her to the background. The some pretty blue beads, the "water bubbles", and shells from my beach in Alabama. I absolutely love her!  I so wish it would photo better but the amount of shine going on is crazy! I know it looks like my photography work :) but I promise my son who has a photography book published and had a photo of his used in another author's book for the cover (yes, bursting with pride, old Mom is!) took this one!

Come play with us at Rhedd's Creative Spirit this month!  We have such a good time! 


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