Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Halfway Mark with Quoth the Raven

I am so into gelatos and drawing my whimsy girls that I took another step with a mixed media canvas with Master Poe and his beloved Lenore drawn in my learning stages of whimsy.  I wanted them to have a wedding portrait so I drew them and have added their wedding accessories which just happen to have flowers to go with the theme this month at Quoth the Raven "POEsies" using floral things in your make.

So congratulations, belatedly, to the poor dear couple and hope you enter your Poesies into this wonderful challenge where you can explore one of our literary greats and learn and play at the same time!  Hope to see you there still plenty of time :) 

I am a little past the halfway mark but still time to get your Poe on and come play at one of the most fun places to play at, Quoth the Raven!

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