Friday, March 27, 2015

A Challenge From Dragons Lair Designs Fan Page

This is my multi-level challenge for you (it’s a long one, so read carefully before you begin):
If you were locked in a room with a small assortment of items and asked to make a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card, would you be able to make it?
This is w
hat is in the room:
• table and chair, 
• a pair of scissors, 
• an assortment of cardstock some of which have been printed with backgrounds from a Dragons Lair Designs collection of your choice, 
• some quick grab glue, 
• a black fineliner, 
• and a pack of assorted buttons
In my “heads up” post I said that I may be generous and give you something else – well I’m feeling really generous and want you to choose one piece of your crafting equipment to take in with you.
This equipment can be:
a digital cutting machine – but only with the cutting files that came with it when set up out of the box – no extra cutting files bought or downloaded from the internet; a die-cutting machine – but only with any dies or embossing folders that came with it out of the box; a particular punch or set of punches – so long as they came as a set originally; a favourite paper trimmer or guilotine; The Ultimate Crafter's Companion Pro – but again only with the items that came with it originally; etc, etc.
- well I’m not feeling so generous as to allow you to take in every bit of kit in with you LOL
And this is the multi-level challenge for you:
You can just decide on your must have equipment and comment below.
You can make a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card using your chosen equipment and what’s given and post a photo to this thread.
You can make a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card using your chosen equipment and what’s given, taking photos as you are going along, and blog the lot, and post a link to your step-by-step blog as a comment below.
It’s up to you how much you want to do.

Well, Gwyneth threw the gauntlet down and I of course picked it up!!  At first I though how would I make something without all my goodies...hmmmm!  But in the end it was remarkably easy!  I used a left over piece of paper from Dragons Lair Designs that I can't explain yet...shhh!  And a freebie image called "Resting Place" and colored with Chameleon pens (that I just realized was not on the list...uh oh points gone but fun had!)  I fussy cut and glued on to the paper and embossed with black embossing powder "Thank You" for a card for my mom.  Too bad I just realized my mistake....but a lovely card that I will love to give her!  Oh, I have to add some pretty buttons tomorrow and take another here are the shot by shots of the non accredited project!

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Happy Crafting!!

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