Friday, October 13, 2017

Back Home for Day 13 of the 31 Days of Halloween!

Please don't continue unless gross grossness is your cups! I am a full day home from Japan and had to stop at the first emergency rom die to this "stuff" that afflicts me only in Japan usually the last couple of days. But this time our longest trip of course not! Bam first thing off plane!

My image of my hideous telethon improved leg condition that no was not diagnosed at the hospital! I have to go to an allergist before returning to aJapan without fear of spending seven days in the hotel yay! NOT! will be in place very soon for now I thought today was covered and computer is outside in car and I am on no weight on legs soooo mot waking son at midnight I might have more serious problems!

The rest the contest all will be taken care of tomorrow on phone and medicated so leaving before it gets hilarious!

I am ghoul and unhappy right now lovelies!


  1. Well that all sounds a fright but glad you're now home safe and can recover!

  2. Rest up and get better soon!

  3. Aw, horrible! I hope you feel better soon and can get to the bottom of this so it doesn't happen again!

  4. Oh wow what a rash, you poor thing. I hope they can clear it up for you quick and you find out what it is that causes it.

  5. YIKES... that looks like it hurts... hope they are able to help you find out what id it and able to get rid of it!